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Window tinting comparisons offered by Wrapit Signs


Sun Protection

Our window tinting films stops your car upholstery and carpeting from fading by reducing ultra violet rays by 99% . It also prevents dashboards from cracking.


Our window tinting films prevents heat from entering through your car windows by as much as 60%. It reduces inside temperature and gives you more privacy. Improve your car appearance with a custom look. Klingshield filters 70% of the sun’s glare and is optically clear and distortion free.


Follow the lead of the rich and famous by having your car privatized, heat protected and your windows shatterproofed with our auto safety tint film – drive in style and safety!!

Smash and grab window tinting by Wrapit Signs


  • Available in a Combination of Tints – Light, Medium or Dark.
  • Keeps Day and Night Time Glare out- giving you a glare free drive experience.
  • Tested by the South African Bureau of Standards for Optical Clarify, Impact and Scratch Resistant coatings
  • Klingshield Smash & Grab Films are Made in the USA
  • Installed in our Own Fitment Centres, in a clean room environment to give you a dust free and bubble free installation.

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